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Windrush Farm Fiber School holds classes on a working fiber farm with sheep, goats, cows, alpacas, llamas, pigs, angora rabbits, and chickens. In fact the classroom is in a part of the barn close enough to hear Rudy the Rooster talking to his hens or the happy cackling when one of them lays an egg. The 25 acre farm is in the beautiful Chileno Valley just outside Petaluma, California about 1 hour north of San Francisco and just west of Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Each class includes a tea and cookie break and a walk through the pastures to meet the fiber animals and greet the guard llamas. Ever feed a sheep? A class on Windrush Farm is a truly unique experience to explore the world of fiber surrounded by the land, animals and the fiber they grow.

2021 Fiber Classes


Fleece to Garment Series

This exciting class series offers the unique opportunity to go from fleece to finished garment. The series provides a wonderful way to learn the process hands-on, have personal instructions, a community of other fiber enthusiasts to be around, and set deadlines to help complete your project (we all have a few unfinished projects in the closet).

This class is designed to challenge intermediate and advanced spinners with the adventure of choosing a fleece, preparing it for spinning, discovering the merits of that fleece, and finally matching it to a garment design.  Students in this class must be able to spin a continuous thread and know how to knit, crochet or weave.  We offer beginning and intermediate spinning classes in the fall for those needing to learn or improve their spinning skills in order to take this class. 

January 30th, Saturday, 10am to 3pm – Shearing and Fleece selection – Students will see the shearing, pick their fleece, and then learn about parts of the fleece, how to skirt, and how to match the qualities of that fleece to a garment. 

February 7th, Sunday, 1pm to 4pm – Scouring Fleeces & Designing Your Project – We begin the process by learning how to scour (wash) the fleece in the class.  We will examine a variety of knitted samples in different needle sizes and look at different prepping to begin to plan the design of the garment.  We will have 4 different designs to choose for your garment.

February 21st, Sunday, 1pm to 4pm – Prepping Your Fleeces to Spin –Spinning with curls, spinning woolen, or spinning semi-worsted are techniques that have different effects in the finished garment.  What works best for the fleece?  Will you card or spin from the lock?  We look at how the prepping of the fleece influences the design of the garment.

February 28th, Sunday, 10am to 3pm – Carding & Designing Your Yarn – This class will work on carding your washed and prepped fleeces. You will begin spinning and work on creating your yarn for your specific project.

April 11th, Sunday, 1pm to 4pm – Project In Process – Bring in your in-progress project.  Are you stuck? Need encouragement and feedback?  This class will share all the projects and offers specialized help for completion of the garment.

May 2nd, Sunday, 10am to 4pm – Spin In & Fashion Show – This is a great way to end the class. Hang out for the day spinning and knitting in the morning. After a yummy pot luck lunch everyone will show off their projects, no matter how far along. This is open to all spinners, knitters, and friends.

$550 (includes fleece)

Online Registration: Eventbrite

Mail in Registration: Please send a check made out to Windrush Farm. Include your name, email address, phone number and class you want to attend. Mail to: Windrush Farm 2263 Chileno Valley Rd, Petaluma, Ca 94952


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Plying Class

Sunday, April 18th 1:00 – 4:00pm

The exciting and fun possibilities of plying are endless. From natural simple single and two-ply yarns to crazy fabulous yet to be imagined art yarns, focusing on plying is the next step to spinning your own wool. The techniques learned in class will give you the confidence and understanding of plying as you experience the process and experiment with color and texture through various yarns.

In this class you will explore the why and how to of plying yarn. The class will go through vocabulary, such as TPI and WPI, understanding Z twist and S twist, and what plying can do for your yarn. Convenient handouts are given to take home so you will have all the information you need to reference later on.

The class will supply all the roving and yarn you need, but you will also want to bring in your own hand-spun singles. Mimi Luebbermann and Marlie de Stewart will demonstrate wonderful plying techniques and you will have the opportunity to learn and make boucle, eyelash, and frosted yarns. You will also create three, four, and five ply yarns. This hands-on class will give you the opportunity to learn, create, and play with plying yarn.

$150 (includes materials) Bring your own singles to work with. 

Online Registration: Eventbrite

Mail in Registration: Please send a check made out to Windrush Farm. Include your name, email address, phone number and class you want to attend. Mail to: Windrush Farm 2263 Chileno Valley Rd, Petaluma, Ca 94952


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Vegetal & Synthetic Dye Class

Sunday, May 16th 10:00am – 3:00pm

This is a hands-on class that will open your world to the exciting skill of dyeing wool with Vegetal and Synthetic Dyes.  Students will leave with the understanding, knowledge, and confidence to do their own dying at home. The results from creating your own dyes are endless and with the knowledge and support of Mimi Luebbermann and Marlie deStewart, this class will demystify the techniques and teach you the methods and tools needed to create your own dyes at home or your studio.

In the first half of the class we will focus on understanding mordents and prep work of your fiber for dying and how to use natural ingredients, such as leaves, flowers, and roots to create beautiful colors.  We will also learn about over-dying and after baths to further explore possible color creations.

After lunch we will delve into the world of acid dyes. Through hands-on exploration and the guidance of Marlie, you will learn how to space, vat, steam, and hand paint with commercial acid dyes.

The class will provide all the fiber and materials needed for the class. Please wear cloths you can get stained, rubber gloves to protect hands from commercial dyes, a few plastic bags to bring your wet fiber samples home in, and wear layers since the class is outdoors.You can also purchase more yarn or roving through Windrush Farm. 

$150 includes all materials

Registration: Eventbrite


Indigo & Shibori Dye Class

Sunday, June 6th 1:00 – 4:00pm

Shibori is a Japanese method of folding cloth and dipping in indigo to make patterns of blue and white on the cloth. Explore this old/new technique that uses indigo to create astonishing patterns on both protein and cellulose fabrics. In this hands-on class you will learn to make an indigo dye bath using different shibori resist techniques to create wonderful results. You will be surprised at the amazing success of this unusual process.

Wear clothes that can get stained.  Bring sun protection, (hat, sunscreen) since this class is held outside. Feel free to bring some other things to dye like pillow cases or t-shirt in natural materials (cotton, wool, linen). 

$150 (includes all materials)

Registration: Eventbrite

Photos by Paige Green

Windrush Farm has a variety of spinning wheels for rental, as well as beautiful roving from the sheep on the farm for sale. Contact Mimi at


Class space will be held by a check or online registration on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please email or register online for classes:

Marlie: (415) 868-2459

Mimi: (707) 775-3390

Checks may be mailed to:

Windrush Farm 2263 Chileno Valley Rd., Petaluma, CA 94952.

Cancellations must be made seven days before the class. Class fees will not be returned after this time. We have set a minimum numbers of students for each class, and we reserve the right to cancel a class within 24 hours if the minimums have not been made. In this case, we will fully refund the class fee.

Windrush Farm is a working farm with many types of animals. We kindly ask that you leave your pets at home when visiting us at the farm. This is in considerations to the well being of our animals on the farm and yours. -Thank you

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