2019 Farm Camp Updates


Windrush Farm Friends,

It is Farm Camp registration time again and we are excitedly making plans for our 14th year of welcoming children to summer camp at Windrush Farm. In addition to Farm Camp, we are also offering camps for Little Farmers (4-6 year olds) and Off the Farm Fridays. Below you will find information on all of our 2019 summer programs. To register click here: register for 2019 Camps

Farm Camp: 

Ages: 7-12

Days: Mon-Thurs

Hours: 9am-3pm

How many students per session: 24

How many counselors: We are hiring two full time counselors, in addition to Farmer Arann and Farmer Mimi 

Cost: $320

2019 Farm Camp Sessions

  1. Week One – Farm Camp: 06/17/2019 – 06/20/2019
  2. Week Two – Farm Camp: 06/24/2019 – 06/27/2019
  3. Week Three – Farm Camp:  07/08/2019 – 07/11/2019
  4. Week Four – Farm Camp: 07/15/2019 – 07/18/2019
  5. Week Five – Farm Camp: 07/22/2019 – 07/25/2019
  6. Week Six – Farm Camp: 07/29/2019 – 08/01/2019
  7. Week Seven – Farm Camp: 08/05/2019 – 08/08/2019


9am: Arrival and farm chores: watering, collecting seeds, grinding wheat etc

9:30am: Name games and team challenges at the oak circle

10am: small group farm chores which include milking goats, feeding sheep, cows and chickens, collecting eggs, harvesting vegetables

10:45am: snack

11:15am: farm art which includes: felting, weaving, braiding, mask making, beading, murals, we try to send a craft home every day

12pm: lunch – bring your own except for Thursday when we make pizzas together. We encourage no waste lunches if possible because we do not have garbage service at the farm.

12:45pm: farm adventure: creek crawl, hidden talent show, pond study. Thursday swim in the pool

3pm: pick up

What to bring: hat, water bottle, lunch Monday-Wednesday, closed toe shoe (no flip flops), bathing suit and towel on Thursday only.

Little Farmers:

Last year was our first time welcoming 4-6 year-olds. We loved having younger campers on the farm, so we are inviting Little Farmers to camp again this year. Here is the info on Little Farmers:

Ages 4-6

Ratio: 1 to 6

Days: Mon-Weds

Hours: 9:30am-1:30 pm

Cost: $160

2019 Little Farmer Camp Sessions

  1. Week One – Little Farmers: 06/24/2019 – 06/27/2019
  2. Week Two – Little Farmers: 07/08/2019 – 07/10/2019
  3. Week Three – Little Farmers: 07/15/2019 – 07/17/2019
  4. Week Four – Little Farmers:  07/22/2019 – 07/24/2019
  5. Week Five – Farm Camp: 07/29/2019 – 07/31/2019


If your Little Farmer has an older sibling attending Farm Camp they are welcome to arrive at 9am with their older sibling, we ask that all other Little Farmers arrive at 9:30am for parking lot and driveway safety.

9:30am: Arrive and start the day with a short welcome meeting.

9:15am: Animal Chores: Feed chickens, sheep, cows and goats.

10am: Garden Chores and Harvest

10:30am: Snack

11am: Farm Art

12pm: Lunch

12:30pm: End of the day Team Building Games

1:30pm: Pick-Up

What to bring: hat, water bottle, lunch, closed toe shoe (no flip flops)

Off the Farm Fridays: 

Last year was our first year leading Off the Farm Fridays (OFF) and we had a blast exploring some of the incredible wilderness of our region, so we are doing it again this year. Highlights last year included: catching fish at Liminatour Beach with guest fisherman and Waldorf teacher, Adam Neale; exploring a secret beach seeing bat rays on Tomales Bay; making a giant castle at Dillon Beach.

Here are the details of Off the Farm Fridays:

Ages 7-12

Ratio: 1 to 8

Days: Fridays only

Hours: 9am-4pm

Cost: $90 per session


9am: Arrive

9:15 am: Load in the Sprinter van to start adventure

9:45am-1:30pm: Adventure

12pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Load in the Sprinter van to return to farm

2pm: Swimming at farm

4pm: Pick-up

2019 Off the Farm Friday Sessions

  1. Week One – Off the Farm Fridays: 06/21/2019 – 06/21/2019
  2. Week Two – Off the Farm Fridays: 06/28/2019 – 06/28/2019
  3. Week Three – Off the Farm Fridays: 07/12/2019 – 07/12/2019
  4. Week Four Off the Farm Fridays: 07/19/2019 – 07/19/2019
  5. Week Five Off the Farm Fridays: 08/03/2019 – 08/03/2019

What to bring: lunch, good walking shoes, a towel, swim suit, hat, and water bottle. We’ll have snacks, sunscreen, first aid, and lots of fun ideas for exploring secret spots and national treasures.

Please supply your own booster seat if necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does my child need to bring? hat water bottle, lunch, closed toe shoe (no flip flops)

How much sun will my child be getting? We hide from the sun and go from shady spot to shady spot all day long. Hats are encouraged.

Do they swim? Thursday we have a swim test to asses your child swimming ability. We have clear rules which are strictly enforced. Each child has a buddy and we do frequent buddy checks throughout the session.

Are you First Aid Certified? Yes.

What kind of animals are they interacting with? Sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, cows, alpacas, llamas, dogs, cats, frogs and other wild animals.

Do you offer a sibling discount? Sorry but we do not offer a sibling discount because our camp is so small.

Do you donate camps to school auctions? Yes. Please email: arannharris@gmail.com

How many years have you been running camp? We started the Farm Camp in 2005, so 14 years and counting.

Do you have dinosaurs? Yes and dinosaur songs to go with them.


Think Petaluma is too far away to send your children to Windrush Farm Camp?

We are 30 minutes from almost everywhere in the North Bay: Marin, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, West Marin. Many of our families from other towns will invite their neighbors and friends to carpool, so each family only has to drive once or twice during the week.

For those families living across a bridge, it’s not too far for you either. This year we are very excited to welcome some campers from Oakland. Their parents are renting a VRBO and making a family vacation out of Farm Camp. We are happy to send some accommodation recommendations… just let us know.

If you would like to sign your child up for Windrush Farm Summer Camp, please click the link below…


If you have any questions or difficulties registering online, please send an email to Arann at: arannharris@gmail.com



It’s time to take the plunge into farm camp again…






We are getting excited for Windrush Farm Camp 2009. The applications have already started coming in… so make sure you send your forms in quickly to reserve a spot for your child at the best sheep herding, veggie picking, dog grooming, wood fired pizza making, pool party in the Bay Area.

If you still need a brochure or registration form you can download them right here. Can’t wait to see you soon!