Windrush Farm has been welcoming children to the farm since 2005, and after another great summer of Farm Camp, we’ve decided to keep that feeling going with After School Farmers.

After School Farmers will meet Wednesdays and Thursdays (pick one day or both days) this fall from 1:30-5:30pm.

Arrival chores will be ready for our farm students as getting to the farm by 1:30 may be difficult, so arrive when you can and get to work!


We will work with goats, sheep, alpacas, cows, llamas and chickens. The group will also craft with wool, explore pastures, swim in the pool and make barn stomping music together.

Sign up monthly for outdoor adventures and farm knowledge HERE.

After School Farmers:
         Who: 1st – 8th graders
         What: In depth, hands on farm experience.
         Where: Windrush Farm
         When: Wednesday +/or Thursdays from 1:30-5:30pm
         Why: Because that sweet summer camp feeling CAN last all year.
         How Much: $120 – $200 per month (dependent on weeks/holidays)

Reserve your spot!