Windrush Farm Fall 2015 Dye and Spinning Program


Come to Windrush Farm, just a short distance away from downtown Petaluma, for the Fall Dye & Spinning Program. The farm is the home of sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas, all available to meet with visitors. The classes include a walk through the pastures and afternoon tea and cookies. The instructors are Marlie deSwart, fiber artist and owner of Black Mountain Weavers in Pt. Reyes Station, and Mimi Luebbermann, owner of Windrush Farm.  Marlie and Mimi have been co-teaching spinning and fiber arts for 15 years.

Sunday, October 4, 2 to 5pm   Dyeing Wool with Vegetal and Synthetic Dyes

This is a hands-on class to learn to use both natural dyes and acid-based dyes.  In the morning we will mordant yarns and start dyeing wool and yarn with onion skins, walnut, and cochineal.  As time allows, we will explore over-dyeing, and afterbaths.  After lunch, Marlie takes over to explain the use of acid dyes, and how to space, vat, steam, and hand paint with commercial dyes.  Students will leave with lots of their own hand-dyed wool, roving, and yarns.  Bring a brown bag lunch.  $75 plus a $20 materials fee


Spinning Classes

Beginning spinners should take both classes in Introduction to Spinning, Part 1 and Part 2 to gain spinning competence and confidence.  $125 for the two classes plus a $20 materials fee each class.  Spinning wheels rent for $10 per week.


Sunday, October 11, 2 to 5pm  Learning How to Spin, Part 1

Get the feel of the spinning wheel. It takes a while to get the hang of spinning, to coordinate the feet and hands to create a thread.  After you begin to feel confident with the process, switch spinning wheels to find one that suits you in particular.  As your skill grows, try out different wools to feel the difference they make in your spinning.


October 18, 2 to 5pm Refining Your Skills, Part 2

During this second session, students will bring in their spun singles for show and tell.  Then they learn the woolen or worsted spinning techniques to produce yarns for different uses.  You will learn about raw, unscoured fleece, how to wash and card wool, and how the fleece from different breeds of sheep create yarns with specific qualities. We provide plenty of dyed  roving to card and spin. We will introduce you to plying singles and setting the twist of your yarn so after this class, you will be ready to knit or weave with your own hand-spun yarn.


Sunday Nov 8, 2 to 5pm  Plying for Wild and Strong Yarns

Plying allows the competent spinner to create strong yarns, and with varied materials, to create wildly exciting yarns for accents in knitting projects, jewelry, or weaving materials.  You will learn to make boucle, eyelash, and frosted yarns, as well as three, four, and five ply yarns. We will explore core spinning and insertion techniques. Everyone leaves this class with the skills to create yarns never before seen in a yarn shop. 

$75 plus a $20 materials fee


 Sunday, Nov 15, 2 to 5pm Hand Made Gifts for the Holidays

Quick, fun, projects to make one-of-a-kind gifts.  We will demo and have examples of quick knitted projects such as triangle scarves and kids’ hats with fat yarn, and felted cushions. Students will hands-on make felt balls, felt beads to string on necklaces, and natural-dyed silk scarves.  Everyone leaves with felted balls and beads, an eco scarf, and instructions for quick, knitted projects.  Kits and additional supplies will be available for purchase.

$60 plus a $20 materials fee

Contact to reserve your seat.
Phone: 707.762.9276

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